by Electric Blanket

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released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Electric Blanket Victoria, British Columbia

Warm and cozy music for cold sad days.

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Track Name: Morphine Drip
Im stuck in a slower placer now
Im trapped in my room just thinking about her
Pain muffled by the colour green
Spin cycle and Im never clean
Well take me home and get me stoned

Silence feels like a morphine drip
First snow on November 6th
Well you don't know
Cause you're never home
Track Name: Pool Surfing
I feel stupid for not knowing
If I ever felt that way
Fuck it all man Im still growing
The last thing I want is to be lame

Its one big major motion picture
The star is an addict but she's cute
I know I don't like her but you can never be sure
Cause she lets me go surfing in her pool
Track Name: Dazed
Here I sit near the bottom of an old cola glass
And its been half empty for some time
Its all flat
Hey bartender do you think I could have another drink
He says now man Im cutting you off

I found home here on the floor and I wont move until you tell me to
Track Name: Blue
Will the classics never die
Bring some new kid in to take us by surprise
In his new blue collared shirt
Blues the only colour he can really be sure off

He feels he's drowning alive
What is all your friends were to die
Is it that makes us alive
Blue visions through his eyes

There he lies on the floor
Close the blinds and lock the door my friend
White noise heard through a vintage amplifier
Tweed sounds ring to make the city ever tired

Well its hard
To feel you're drowning alive
What if all your friends were to die
Is it that which wastes our time
tweed sounds sing in his mind